Do guys find it attractive when a girl is a virgin?

Sometimes when I tell a guy that I'm a virgin, they act as if I'm gay or that I'm just something for them to conquer. It sometimes makes me feel that all most guys want is sex. They just don't accept the fact that I'm waiting until marriage, because of my religous beliefs. So what I'm wondering is, do most guys find it attractive when a girl is a virgin, and wants to wait until marriage? Would you date a girl like that?


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  • I've dated girls who were virgins, but none that waited until marriage.

    I'm fine with it, and I don't see it as it adding to the girl's attractiveness. It may mean I need to be more sensitive with certain subjects, but other than that it's not a big deal.

    As far as dating a girl that is waiting until marriage, I am probably beyond the age range that still occurs in, so I probably wouldn't be interested.


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  • There are non-religious reasons too. Who wants to spend the rest of his life (i.e. marriage) with a woman who has nth sexual encounters, knowing that she probably would do nth comparisons behind his back? Even if she doesn't want to do that, can she control herself not doing that? You can also ask a guy, "If your mother tells you she slept with nth number of men before having you, how do you feel?" Observe his facial expressions, don't just rely on his words...

  • I find it very attractive. I believe in waiting until marriage and finding other people who actually do that is difficult. It's good to know that there are actually still girls out there who do wait. It probably depends on what kind of guys you are talking about also. Somebody with similar beliefs to yours will find it attractive, but I really do not know how other guys will think of it.


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