I am scared: what if I end up alone like my sisters?

I am 30, fairly attractive and I always have guys flirt with me. But my problem is this: I am scared I will never get married. I sometimes date guys but it's rare when we agree.

My heart got broken after my longest relationship so far. It lasted 8 months. I loved him so much but be broke my heart.

I dated someone else but I realized he just wants me physically, which thank God never took place.

I only meet guys who are after my body. I don't look vulgar at all. I wear modestly elegant ones.

My 2 sisters are much older than me but have never been married.

I am scared I stay alone.

How can I find someone with the intention to get married?


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  • Too bad we never met... I've known nothing but loneliness and failure... im such a caring guy that females lose interest and leave... im never gonna have a family of my own... the best i can hope for is to be a step father... my last & only relationship was 17 years ago... and i dated for a month 9 years ago... ugh ... why do the right people wind up in the wrong situations?

    • Too bad.. you are a handsome guy by the way. I am sorry you went through that but believe me you deserve a good woman who will treat you nicely.

      If you are a man it's somehow better than when a woman feels like this. I also want to have a child.

      Thanks :)

    • Is true though... your right... bearing children is a part of womanhood... I really feel for ya... I hope you find the right person to bring new life into the world with ; )

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  • How religious are you?

    What age men are you dating?

    • I am quite religious. Mostly guys like same age or 2 years younger. Younger guys are attracted to me a lot. Me too. I am outgoing and smiley. I like to joke and have fun.

    • Are the guys you meet who are after your body as religious as you?

  • It's good that you've got your eyes open to the possibility that that might happen. I know many women, many of them beautiful, nice, intelligent, some even rich, who wrongly just assumed it would happen.

    You can't just passively wait, especially these days. Go out and search for guys. Are there good guys where you work? What are your itnerests? If you enjoy reading, go to libraries. If you enjoy sports, do that and meet guys there. And so on.

    • At work almost everyone is married. I work in a huge company and we don't see all employees.

      The country I live in now is more restricting than the US. In the US it is easier to say hi to guys and get in a conversation. I have tried online dating but come across weird people.

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  • If I knew the answer to that question I would be a billionaire.

    There's no magical answer. You just need to get yourself out there and date

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