I keep dreaming about getting married to someone that I don't know?

I have been dreaming about some guy that doesn't have a face but I do know that he has brown/ dark colored hair. I think we met in school or somewhere but in some of the dreams we were at school. I don't have these dreams all the time but I always think about it and even find myself daydreaming about this. I am not lonely so I know that that can't be a reason for these dreams. All the dreams feel real especially in the one where we ended up making out. Some of the dreams include us dating, getting married, him proposing to me, visiting my parents during a college break, meeting his family, and I had a dream about us going to a restaurant and I was holding a little girl in my hands so I guess that was our child. What could these dreams mean? Also I am a Christian and in high school right now. And also someone said something about it being a demon and asked if he loved God and we did go to church in one dream so I guess so.


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  • Your subconscious is feeding off of your desires. You want desperately to be married and start a family.

    That's all it is in my opinion. I don't believe it has anything to do with religion (although I am an atheist so it only stands to reason that I'd think this). Also the idea that it would have some demonic value is absolutely absurd even if I was somewhat religious.

    Dreams are the product of our minds which run unchecked by the realities of a physical world in our sleep.


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  • well im just gonna say dreams usually don't mean anything:P its just a dream, it seems to reoccur from time to time but whatevs. just take it as a coincidence.

    • Well I believe that everything happens for a reason which is why it confuses me.

    • okay then if so in your case, you may need to be patient and see how this whole thing unravels. time will tell if it was something or nothing.

  • lmao reminded me of this song. Dreams don't mean anything. Just enjoy it.


  • Maybe God is showing you your future. Don't worry too much.
    For now it is just dreams.
    And who knows maybe you will meet your "dream" guy.


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