Do you think he's reconsidering marriage?

My boyfriend is opposed to marriage because he says there's no need nowadays and most people get divorced. His parents have been together all his life but aren't married so this has probably given him the idea. He's aware that I'm open to get married but happy to live my life with him unmarried, though he didn't like the idea of me having an eternity ring.

Recently, he keeps making jokes like when his phone rings he says, "it's the wife" or he says "okay wife" as a way to complain if I tell him to do something.

He's also sung the song Rude by Magic to me twice, singing all the lyrics looking right at me with such kind eyes. If you know the song, you'll know it's about trying to get his girl's dad's blessing to get married but he sings about how he's going to "marry her anyway". He doesn't sing to me often, so I was enjoying it, to a point, because I know he didn't mean the lyrics.

I asked jokingly, "who you marrying?" and he said "you". I waited for him to giggle and say "only joking" but he didn't and commented on the song's melody.

Last night, I spoke about how my memory was bad and he randomly said, "so you wouldn't remember anniversaries then... if you ever got married".


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  • I doubt he will.


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