He is hinting he is going to propose, but does he really want me in his life?

So my boyfriend since I was 17, so 7 years, shared everything with me where he is going when he will be back his job timings everything and it's been that way for 7 years, by the way he is 9 years older then me. Now he has been acting weird around me he doesn't smile or talk much with me anymore, and if I ask him his schedule so we can make plans for a date or weekend together he gets ad and tells to butt out of his business, but at the same time he wants to get married and have a family together. This has been going on for about 11 more than now and I'm so confused what does he really want


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  • Relationships shouldn't be about sharing everything, though nothing should be a secret. If he's able to hold a conversation with his co-worker and discuss his schedule, I find it very surprising that he would have an issue sharing it with you. My suggestions that you should not let him belittle you in this manner even as he is 9 years your senior, even if it's at the cost of you both taking time off from each other.

    • He wasn't like this in our last 7 years this change is recent

    • Maybe his boss is being a jerk, a lack of sleep, drinking, too much coffee, are there things he did lately?

  • I kno it's probably really hard to do this.. But.. I think you can get a better.. Man.. I think you should break up.. Because he seems to be puting his work and bs over you.. That's not what marriage is about... I kno 7 years is a lot... But I think that you can do better with someone else... And he could possibly be cheating... Am sorry... But I think it's time you leave.. Or warn him that you might leave him if he puts his stuff over you... Be careful


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