Is it bad that I want to marry someone a little bit smarter than me?

I don't know why, but I LOVE smart nerdy people. I love people who can talk about random cool science facts and who are passionate about their jobs. I love nerdy people… basically… but I have my own passions and they aren't software based or technology based or video games or math. You get the point. I just see myself loving someone who is just a bit out there smart… and even more so than me. I am smart too, but I want someone really nerdy. Someone who knows things better than I do and can explain w/e to me. Is that weird? wrong? Bad?

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  • Haha, you sound like one of my previous girlfriends. She used to tell me that she loved listening to me when I got "all smart and science-like" (her words). She wasn't, in any way, unintelligent; she just had different knowledge than I did. She loved it when I would try to explain the basis behind scientific principles and such.

    I don't think it's a bad thing at all, provided you don't end up dating a guy with a superiority complex (like my sister did). I'm sure that you have plenty of knowledge and skills that are unique to you, which a guy wouldn't possess, so you can still have a relationship of equals, even if he is a brain case, lol.

    Personally, I think it's cute when a girl thinks like you do. Not in a macho way, or anything, it's just nice to be appreciated for being intelligent. :-)

    • hahaha yes! You sound like the type of guy I'd like. I like cool sciencey explanations!

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    • Hey, I'm only about 40 minutes from South Bend! I grew up in Chesterton & Valparaiso, but I live in Michigan City now. :-)

    • haha crazy! that's really cool! too bad… too bad!

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  • It's not bad at all. As someone who would consider themselves pretty nerdy, this makes me happy haha.

  • Not at all.

  • Only if you believe the man should be smarter


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  • It's a way of wanting to be taken care of, men should make you feel this way. It's just that you like brains over brawn.

    • Absolutely. I would much rather date a bigger guy who is smart and funny than a guy who is in shape and isn't smart at all.

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