'It is a statistical truth that if by 37 a man is has not married then the chances of him ever marrying are slim to none.' Do you think this is true?

A user on another question said this... just wondering if there's truth to this at all?

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  • Depends. In some countries thats around the average age of marrying men. People are getting married later and later.

    But it stands to reason that if he has gone this long without wanting to get married or getting married, there's a high chance that he won't want to or have an interest in that.

    But plenty do.

    Unfortunately, women that age have a much harder time than any man that age.

    • I hope this doesn't sound too sexist but women around that age need to prove they have something to bring to a relationship other than sex. As you said single men around that age might just not be interested and to convince them you are worthy of their time sex might not be enough or even what he's after.

      if the woman has a good stable job and see's men as an equal partner not a tool she can bend to her will, that's most likely heading in the right direction. :)

      again sorry if I went a bit too far in getting my point across.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Depends, I was told there is something wrong with a guy who has never been married over 35 or 40 but then I have not been married yet myself so not sure it's fair to say that. I do know that the older I get I am less flexible with my personal taste and sharing stuff cause I have lived alone so long. Perhaps that's what they mean. Now if the dude is like 37 at home with his Mom then that's another story...

  • It is not true. Love can come anytime and any age you are.

  • It depends. You look for love then the chances are higher, if you don't do anything then whaddya think? There are some George Clooneys out there, but I think he is in a relationship at the moment lol. Good luck :)


What Guys Said 2

  • It is a statistical truth if the statistics match the description. However, statistical truths don't necessarily mean anything because tlstatistics are observed data based on the past and don't necessarily determine future outcomes.

    If only 1% of single men get married after 37 and you happen to get married, what does that 99% probability of failure mean to you? Absolutely nothing. Your success rate is 100%.

    Sure, such a lopsided statistic can conclude that a single man faces many challenges in pursuing marriage after 37, many of which are in his own head. So rather than taking the statistic like a cyanide pill, use it as a roadmap to overcome the obstacles many men face when trying to get married after 37. That is how you win an uphill battle.

  • Nice! Two more years and I'm in the clear! My girlfriend is gonna be PISSED.
    I kid, i kid...

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