Men if you remember details about other women but not your wife, and you keep talking about it what does that mean?

Husband says some Brazilian chick had great curves, and said he wanted to sleep with her to his wife?


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  • Marriage is supposed to be open and honest like this, even though gals might love it played out as only the romantic Camelot role. Gals might first react to this statement as "oh, I'M not good enough?" but it's not about that, it's about wondering what it would be like to add garlic to one's hamburger - the photo ad for garlic makes it look delicious. So being defensive or even the critic of his behavior is not what any marriage needs.

    Suggest: you USE this wonder, this quest for spicing up the marriage in many ways
    Your response to his statement could be many
    > oh, you would love to sleep with curves, eh? Come with me, horny man to the bedroom and I'll show you some curves...
    > feel silly? augment with bulky clothes whatever needs to be more curvy and while showing plenty of other skin, strut around mocking his need to sleep with curves until he ravishes you
    > find a "curvy" guy image for yourself to ogle if he continues this tact past the sex (above) and wish you could sleep with someone like that, then slowly seduce him to insure no ego problems


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  • It's never good when your husband says he wants to sleep with another woman. Because that is exactly what he says. Of course, he may think a woman's curves are good, but he should never say that he wants to sleep with her.

    • I like the other answers but sadly think yours is true and pretty much hits the target

  • This type of things are done just to tease wives. Nothing serious

    • It does sound like he is fairly serious to me.

    • Let it sound serious. May be he is testing ur reply. You should try to avoid his thoughts .

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