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Let me start saying that I'm 21 my husband is 32. I recently graduated with a diploma in medical assisting. I been looking for a job but haven't found one yet. I also have student loans I have to pay back. So I've been thinking about joining the army to help pay for school and to go back and to better myself. My husband don't want me to go but I have loans now and I want to go back to school but I'm not trying to be debt and I think it's a good opportunity just joining the reserve. Also I'm just 21 this is the time I should be getting my life together not putting it on hold for somebody who have lived through they 20s and did what they wanted. So my question what should I do.

I just want to join for education and stability and to better myself. I have goal I want to complete and me just being a stay at homewife is not helping me accomplish those goals but my husband don't want me to join he want me to just be a girly girl


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  • It has to be a discussion between the 2 of you. You have valid reasons but he may see why that wouldn't be good for the marriage. It has to be a joint decision since you are married.


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  • Military - Marriage - Money.
    1 - Hard life to live.
    2 - Half of marriages end in divorce.
    3 - root of all evil yet can not live with out.

  • Perhaps you should have joined the military and been educated prior to being married.
    That being said, unless your husband is current military, joining up now is an impractical idea for many reasons.
    Suggest you continue searching for a position locally.
    Best of luck to you.

    • I did run that pass my husband before we got married. That I want to be more secure while we're just dating he understood that but I've been looking since the beginning of last year.

  • Army don't pay. Don't you have a degree? wtf?

    • I do have a degree but I'm not get any calls back or they want some one with more experience and the only experience I do have is my externship. I just want to go to pay for school

    • Fuck the army. You shouldn't have to risk your life just to have a modest middle class life. Start lying on your resume. See if that helps.

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