Guys, would u marry a girl of other religion and nationality?

If u in love with a girl that it's from other religion..
And nationality.. would u marry her and change ur life for her..


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  • My father is Lebanese, my mother is German
    I am christian and I was engaged to a black Moroccan Muslim girl

    When you love someone and you get along very well, religion and nationality do not matter anymore

    So yes, I would marry a girl I love and I won't care about religion, color, nationality or anything

    • What a mix ^_^ hhhh masha allah..
      hope u too all best..
      And am happy to find u all share with me the same believe of breaking every possible idea .. that prevent us from loving those whom we care about ♡
      Thank u so much :)

    • So did you convert or did she?

    • None of us converted, we both have our beliefs
      We both believe in the same GOD but with different rituals

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  • absolutely, Infact that is kind of my situation right now

    She is of a different religion to me, in a different country and of a different nationality.
    im head over heals in love with her though her heart is healing, even though we have alredy discussed and said we have mutual feelings for eachother for now were keeping things as friends untill she is ready for some thing more, but i know when that time comes id up root my entire life, move heaven and earth, travel the expance of the universe for her!

    As she puts it im her guaridan angel sent form above.

    • I hope u too all the best ^_^ ..
      And that's exactly how I feel towards relationships with different nationalities and religions.. because it gets us back to the point that we are all the same at the end. The same nature of human beings.. no boundaries can restrict us to connect..
      thank you for sharing :)

    • Your very welcome and thank you as well xD

  • I am happily married to a girl from another culture and country, but we have been atheists from the beginning. Having gone through culture shock myself, it was not hard to accommodate my wife's transition. However, had I married a religious girl, even another American, I would not be so patient to assist in weaning her through the tortuous process of religious decompression. Religion is the Big Lie told by those who want to dominate us, so I thank my lucky stars I live where I may not only think freely but act freely as well, free of complacently stupid superstitions which many allow to rule their lives. There is no god and no free will, but understanding that gives me a world of freedom (from superstition), happiness, and equanimity to face a peaceful death when it comes.

    Many of those I most esteem have peeled away those layers of religious superstition and experienced their own enlightenment and self-transformation, which is about as close as one may come to free will.

    • Even tough i do not agree with your comment on religion, I can understand the skepticism perfectly, bc I have been through a lot of shit with religion, specially with asshole extremists. Still, I must say you seem like a perfectly reasonable person, willing to respect others so youve got my respect.

  • I'm American & my wife is Iranian. She doesn't have a religion and is scared of mine (as appropriate).

    So yes.

    • I hope u too all best insha allah..:)
      and what is ur religion?

  • I would marry her, but I wouldn't change my religion for her. I'd respect her beliefs though.

  • I guess so

    the religion think would be real complicated though.

  • No and No. I can accept different nationality and religion but not anything.


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