How can I deal with loneliness in an LDR?

Hi, I’m an American in an LDR with an Englishman. We met online and we’re engaged. We just really click and are so compatible.

My question is I just get so lonely because I just love him so much. I have never felt this way about anyone before and I know I never will. We talk several times a day and sometimes talk on the phone; we haven’t met in person yet. When we meet (I’m hoping next summer), I just know my loneliness will be even more difficult because then I would have felt the physicality of our relationship. He has some things he has to take care of on his end; that’s why we have to wait to be together.

My question is, are there any other people that are in/have been in a similar situation with a very long distance relationship and can offer my advice for feeling so sad - some nights I cry out of frustration because I want to be with him more than anything. Thanks!

I know it's been very quick, but people just can't really understand how in-synch we are; just so in tune and have so much in common. Yes we do see each other and he's quite handsome. Looks aren't everything in a relationship.


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  • Not trying to sound harsh or anything, but how could you be engaged to someone you've never met before? I mean, sure it would be great if you two had actually met, and dated, and found out that you were both very compatible, but this is the first I've heard of an engagement betweent two people who have never met. I'm not saying that it won't work or anything, I mean if it does, great. But people on the internet can be very nifty at fabricating things about themselves that aren't even remotely true. Be careful. If/when you do meet him, have a friend back you up. If you wish to call him to get a possible better insight into his character, try using a trackphone, (if that's how you say it) so he won't know you're cell or home phone number if he isn't who he seems. Use caution. But anyhow, best wishes~


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  • oh gosh! you got engaged with a man you've never met in person before? that's super crazy. What if you meet him and he's bald, or fat, or has horrible teeth, or is really ugly? or if you already saw pics of him, then its different- because technically you've seen him.

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