How can you tell if a man really loves you?

I have been with my son father for a while now, we went through one of the worst fights ever last year, he was my best friend, he even has a tat of my name across his chest. He does things for my body, I can not write here. We had a huge fight* No he did not hit me* but the police did get involved, now he wants us to be together, and get married. Mind you all, we never really argued before, we would agree to disagree, we never had that argumentative relationship. I just want to know how can you tell?


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  • He sounds serious and doesn't want that fight to have ruined you two for good, so now he's back ready for you to be all his. That's love. If a man comes back into your life and fights to win you back. That's a sign that he loves you. Plus you two had a really good relationship, why let it go over a fight? that's probably what he thought. He doesn't want to lose you. On top of that he got your name tatted on him? that's like commitment right there. sounds like you have a great guy on your side. Don't lose him.

    So did you accept his proposal? :)

    • A lot of other females said he is good too. even my mother loved him.. but girll..... last year was hell 4 us, he lied about his criminal record ...2 much drama.. buti love this guy, because he reaaaaaly treats megood, which isssssss s0o0o0o rare, you feel me? but he wrote his mom the other day & told her about me & was like Mom. I want to marry her, she is everything I want, she is there for me & do I have your blessing to marry her. the letter went on & on about me. I wanted to cry. But we shalll see

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    • Awww thank you sweetie. You are right, I do.. It just that it is sooo rare to have found real love, and I heard true love is when things so wrong, and if it last through those ruff times & you all still want to be together, and the couple is still in love, then that is real love. Yea girl. When I was pregnant, HE WENT OVER & BEYOND my body would hurt, instead of just rubbing the bengay on me, he woul warm it up before it touch my body, how sweet is that? you know, he would wash my car, just swe

    • Aaawwww yes you have true love. Hold on to it. Me and my guy have been through a lot these past 2 years, but were still hanging on. He took care of you, that is what a real man is suppose to do. :) and you got a real man. Feels good huh? everyday I am happy because I have my guy, he makes everything "alright" even through the troubles

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