Has he changed his mind?

I just got into a huge fight with my bf and I told him if he's thinking about breaking up with me he should just do it now. He got extremely pissed with me and told me he was thinking the complete opposite. He has been thinking about using his tax return to buy me a ring and propose to me. He said that he has been trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Said he was going to ask my best friend for help with ring sizes and ask my dads permission. He even told me where and when he was gonna do it and said now the surprise is ruined. Why would he tell me all of that? And does that mean its not going to happen now?


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  • Frankly, if I was telling you that, I'm pushing that question out a bit farther. I'd want to have a better idea that you're not just willing to throw it all away in an instant if I'm going to drop the money on a good ring and ask that kind of commitment from you.

    • So what you're saying is you think he told me all that to get a better idea of if I am willing to leave him?

    • That would be pretty accurate. It's a big commitment so I'd never want to get into that situation if I think the girl's going to flake out soon, which a "dump me" comment would make it sound like.

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