What do you expect out of marriage?

What is the main thing you expect to get out of marriage that you could not get by simply being in a relationship with your partner?

What do you provide for your partner?

What do you expect your partner to provide for you?


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  • To answer your question I will try to provide my partner with good food in his stomach and not be afraid to work beside him. What I would expect of my partner is to respect me, and I him. And that we would not be afraid to do things together.

    I believe a marriage is a two way street. Answer things should be divided. One partner should not do more than the other. Though my parents were old-fashioned my mom always clean the inside of the house and my dad did the outside. They both worked very hard so it's what I can go by. If I ever get married it will not be this is your job this is mine it is our jobs together. Marriage is equal.


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  • Faithfulness
    Unconditional love an support
    Don't look at other women.
    He has to be in good shape.
    Don't molest the kids

  • Partnership and equality.
    I would expect us to be a team, in every sense of the word.
    Living and facing life together, supporting each other, helping each other grow and learn, survive and thrive.
    With love, laughter, sex, fights, and frustration.
    It won't be perfect all the time, but it'll be worth it.

    That's what I would expect.


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  • Not happiness or fulfillment. Speaking as a man, those things are pretty unlikely in marriage today.

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