I'm really not up for attending a wedding. Last minute pull-out?

I had been invited to a wedding a few months ago and the wedding is this coming saturday. The couple I know, but am not close to in anyway.
I wish I never said I could attend in the first place but felt pressured by friends to go for a laugh, (to laugh at the couple because they do things differently and are not having a wedding most people would have). I feel guilty of this, and don't think its fair for me to go just for a laugh at them really, I don't want to do that.
But the reason I really don't want to attend is because they are very judgmental about a choice I made in my life, and I am frankly, fed up of spending time round people who are negative and constantly ask questions about it because it is a problem for them.
I actually feel scared about letting them know I can't make it because of the type of people they are, I am worried they will be angry at me. I shouldn't have to feel this way, and I know I should have never said attend in the first place but i just really am struggling with making myself feel positive about going.
I don't know what to do.

They don't approve of my relationship.

there's no party.


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  • At first I was going to say that it would be very rude of you to not attend, because the couple has already paid for your plate (can be up around $100), so they would be losing this money, however if they make you feel uncomfortable, than I say it's really up to you.
    I wouldn't want to be any where near anyone who was negative about my life decisions either.

    • Thank you for your response. I didn't attend in the end and the couple were absolutely fine about me not attending.
      I think it was the right choice in the end for me.

    • I'm glad you stuck with your gut and picked the right choice for you :)! Hope you did something fun instead! xo

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  • Go for the cake and shrimp on a stick.
    See where it goes. Even if it goes badly you're the one with babyshams and laughs.
    A promise is a promise.

  • What do they bug ya about and why is it so weird of a wedding?

    • they don't approve of my relationship, and there is no party so thats why people think its strange.
      I am just fed up of being judged.

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    • what do you mean sketch?

    • Just doesn't seem like they work out well from what I've seen.

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