Why does my boyfriend tell me he wants to be married?

We were dating for a few months. He used to be married. He told me he doesn't want to be one of those old single men. He says he wants to be married again and have kids and he hates being single (as in not married-we are boyfriend and girlfriend now)

Does this mean he is thinking of a future with me? He always talks about what our kids would look like and where we would live. But to me it's all talk until there's a marriage proposal.


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  • Be careful! Some guys just have to be married for the sakes of being married. They have to be married so they don't feel insecure, or need marriage to feel some kind of self worth. Since he has already admitted to you he fears being single I would be worried he is more into the thought of marriage than the thought of marrying you!

  • Sounds like he is. I can't see another reason for a guy to bring that up.


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