Why do many guys get married if they still want to look at other girls?

A) What is the point of marriage for men if they still want to look at other girls?

B) And what do you think about mixed marriages? Is it better to be with someone who shares your religious values?


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  • A) Well, a lot of this depends on what you mean by "look" -- I'll assume that you mean find other girls attractive. That would be like saying, you're not allowed to find any other guy attractive aside from your husband. I mean, we all find some people attractive, even if we have know idea who they are.

    B) Well, I don't have a problem with it, although, it can cause conflict if you're not likeminded on some matters, especially things like religion, etc. But, you can overcome those differences, but, it can put a strain on the relationship during that time when you're trying to overcome them :P


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  • A) Marriage doesn't just shut a man's desire for other ladies, but it cautions men not to chase those ladies because he has decided to choose and settle with one. So men may check out other ladies but that doesn't mean they are going to start something with them.
    B) Yes is the best to marry someone who shares the same religious values as you do or you and your partner have decided to share the same religious values.

  • You need to fuck him with a strap on to make him your bitch. Then believe me he won't even want to look at another girl ever again, he will respect you.


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  • Even if guys are married or even women , it is normal to look at good looking people. As long as he doesn't do it overboard and be disrespectful then it is fine.
    I dont know why religion always have to come in between couple. It is a sensitive topic i wouldn't mention it to my partner