Please help Marriage and Family issue?

A bit on the background story :
So I'm 21 and this guy is 22 . We've known each other since I was born since his mum was my family's nanny. Always together from then. Best friends and all , started dating 3 years ago.
Well we both want to get married but theirs some issues. My parents first of all don't know I am dating him. Also my parents aren't very fond on interracial relationship , as they believe they are doomed to divorce ( nobody in my family line has ever divorced except 2 of my Aunts who married a Nigerian man and the other a Swedish man ). That's only 2 examples I don't know why they just believe all is gonna end up divorce. Lately whenever they are home from business and all they would always check up on me and give me long speeches on what's so wrong about interracial relationships. His parents are absolutely fine with us , its just they don't want us to marry until my parents accept him.
Oh and they also view marriage as a 'business deal' like how they married off my two older sisters , I know they are unhappy and I don't want to he my parents puppets either and I don't want to elope.
Please help me with this situation , I really can't think of ways to convince my parents. if you have been in a situation like this too please let me know how you got through to your parents !!

If this is any use too I'm Ethiopian and his French.
And I'm from Australia too


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  • You both are too young for marriage.. Start slow, let them know you are dating. No talk if marriage for now. Let them catch up first. Don't drop a bomb on them without preparing them