Is Coming from America To india to marry your fiancee a very big deal expensive?

I mean its an ldr relationship and i want is marriage to her not just online texting or chatting, i dont got passport yet and getting American visa is tough, so why can't she come here and we get married if she's really serious for me, till date she has not even shared her cell number with me.


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  • Three years ago, a man from Egypt found me on FB and we started a whirlwind romance. After becoming MORE acquainted on Skype and Yahoo, FB, I later flew off to the magical land of Cairo, where I stayed with him and his lovely family for 30 days. That went so well, I flew back over 5 months later, where we tied the knot in the Ministry of Justice. Getting married in Egypt was quite easy.
    However, I have read that it takes a bit of time to get married in India, a bit more red tape. I have a friend of mine over in Hyderabad, whom I am planning to visit in the near future.
    With a passport, a girl such as myself can go anywhere. I understand your situation, for no, it isn't easy for you to just come over here.
    Before 'Marriage' is mentioned, you both need to get to know one another Much better. She is most likely nervous in Going over to a foreign country, and for one who knows, I can surely tell you, I don't blame her at all. She would be traveling alone, and is probably afraid of many things, and maybe one of them being: Is he going to be there for me when I land? Am I making the right decision? What if something happens along the way? You have all these questions when you are someone like Her, even Me, when you yourself, my friend, are just on the Other end, waiting on the sidelines.
    Give her space, give her time. I still have a husband out in Egypt, and although with the Middle East having so many problems, More so Now than ever, I have not returned in a long time. This has posed a problem for us. We break up all the time, make up as well, and I can tell you, it's been very hard.
    It's not easy to be in a LDR. It takes a lot of time and effort on both partner's parts. He and I have had our fair share, and if you both ever marry, whether she goes back home to live or would stay, there will always be something...
    Don't rush anything, be patient. Don't pressure her... And the trips are not cheap. If it is meant to be, it will be.
    Good luck. xx

    • I commented most helpful comment of yours, the way you explained things was so nice and talked to the point, yes i understand her fears, i am not pressureing her for anything, its that i dont want to marry any other women because my parents also looking for girl for my marriage here and i deeply just love my fiancee

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    • @paris13 Since you're not with your husband on purpose, what are you waiting for?

    • That is a very good question, Chandra... We break up and make up Constantly for we love one another... In fact, we are starting Again for the millionth time to talk and do our Skype again... He will not marry anyone else, will not and has not divorced me, for a good Muslim man, loyal... I am here, with only work and family with cousins, parents, friends... I don't know what God has in mind for us... everything is so bad over there, more worse, and it is Here now in USA, reflecting FROM Over there, as you know... Maybe I will see him again, maybe not... It is my choice to return, but God is saying No, not right now, I hear HIM... I don't know, just waiting it out... Love keeps us together only. xx

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  • how is she your fiancee if she hasn't even give you a phone number?
    how did she say she wants marriage, did she say the words "I want to marry you"?

    either you're moving to fast for her or she's misleading you.
    If she is misleading you she'll ask you to send her money, DON'T DO THAT!
    the pictures she sent might not be of her, you won't know until you Skype her or talk on the phone or see each other in person.

    You have to make sure she's not catfishing you and scamming you for money

    • Yeah she's has said she wants to marry me not once but many times, she says i am a good guy, and i dont think she's scamming or catfishing me, thanks for comments

    • then it doesn't make sence, if she really likes you she would give you her phone number. Someone who likes you and wants to marry you would give you her number. Be careful, this smells like a scam. You seems like a nice guy, don't get fooled. It's an easy way to figure it out, if she asks you for money don't sent it, then see if she still talks to you or asks for more money

  • How the hell could you be engaged and not have her number

    • Engaged because i am very serious and committed to her and not having her number because she didn't give it

    • Just because you're serious doesn't mean your engaged you're only engaged if you proposed and she said yes and the fact she won't even give you her number means I seriously doubt you're even in a relationship

    • Ok i had proposed her and she said yes, we are also there married on virtual vow. com

  • which mean she isn't ready for marriage yet
    u have to give both of u sometime to know each other better in person

    • Thats the problem i dont got enough time in hands

    • Why are you in urgency to marry her? Having a phone number of the woman u love is the basic information one shld have and she didn't give u means something not right

  • She's in America or you are? Why can't you just fly to her?

  • let me guess, been talking to her online for a few months and you're pressuring her for marriage because you want a visa or you are deluded into thinking this is a serious relationship. she hasn't even shared her number with you what makes you think this is headed towards marriage already? i bet you haven't even met her in person. you should be talking for a few years and meet each other a few times first before even thinking about marriage in a long distance relationship

    • Good call, I didn't take the time to see it is HE who is in India where as his title misleads. Thank you for picking up my error on that one and calling him on it. You said it flawlessly.

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    • I dont want a visa she's most welcome to be indian citizen and stay here

    • Her sending you pictures and the "way she talks" does not prove anything. The fact she hasn't given you her phone number and you haven't spoken to her speaks volumes and that is what matters.

      You could be talking to a 50 year old fat gay man and not even know it at this point. Marriage shouldn't even be in your mind until you meet the person and see if their personality meshes with yours. Unless a Visa is your desire but the United States has (finally) put their foot down on these things so I doubt that happens.

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  • If she hasn't even given you her number than I think it's fairly safe to assume she is not interested in marrying you at this current time. Girls who are interested in men will do their part to assure the man knows through a variety of ways. Especially now a day's with all the opportunity to speak despite distance. Point being, you may want to investigate this issue because it appears like a Catfish/disinterest to me if you are this serious and she has not even opened her life up to you in any real manner.

  • My mind has been blown.

    I'm not sure I get what's going on here.

  • I have to agree with the others... if she hasn't even given you her cell phone number yet, she is not thinking of marriage.

    • Yeah thats where she confuses me dont know why still she got trust issues

  • Hahaha... Never seen a bigger fool than you.

    • 100 bucks says the "girl" is from this website.

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    • Yes, if you consider yourself engaged and the other person is not even comfortable sharing their number with you.

    • Especially the fact that its virtually done! LOL!