How can I get my fiance ready for marriage?

So we're engaged for almost a year now and it is planned that we get married soon. But i feel like he's not ready? Or at least thats what he is saying sonetimes. He proposed to me, all the family knows and I DO think he wants to marry me but in general I guess especially men have this big fear before the actual thing is set.

How can I make him feel more secure and good about it? Any advice? Especially from married men i'd like to hear.

He also stated he doesn't wanna wear a rring. But i made clear that if there's no ring on his finger. I am not marrying him.


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  • I wondered about marriage till I found the right woman. Then I got married without a fear or negative thought. Only problem I had with a ring was the flesh of my finger is bigger than the knuckle. Had to be tight to not slip off and would crack after a while due to flexing of the muscles. If he is unsure or not ready, or does not want to wear a ring, then he just is not ready to commit. Trouble may be ahead if you marry him.


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  • You can't.. Instead you need to turn inward and listen to yourself. Why are you waiting and puting up with him?

    • I'm not waiting. We have to wait because of some complicated stuff in his home country. As soon as this result is solved we r getting married

    • I was referring to waiting for him to change. I. e changing his mind about wearing a ring etc. dig a little deeper in your own soul.

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