What kind of life partner do you want?

I wanted to know with want kind of Man would you like to spend your entire life with?


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  • Someone who is stable and make me feel secure and I know I can trust him with my entire life

    • Whats most important factor?
      1. Who makes you feel secure and is trustworthy
      2. Stable OR Rich
      3. Love

    • Stable in this context means
      1. Emotional
      2. Mentally
      3. Financial
      4. Maturity

    • thanks for mh

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  • Someone who is kind caring, and can accept me for who I am. A guy that's willing to take things at my pace. I want someone who I can trust with my life. A guy that is a little weird and loves animals couldn't hurt either

  • I think I found my life partner. He's perfect for me we just calm down around each other. (We were both extremely frustrated and had anxiety bad)

  • Smart, rich, and sexy

  • My best friend.

    If he can have a water gun fight, likes the outdoors, respects my opinions, I'm the first one he calls when he hears something exciting... general best friend behaviors... and he happens to be a good cook (major plus seeing as I burn water), and genuinely wants me to succeed, then I'll marry him :p

    I found that guy, too.


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