How many people did you date before getting married?

Just curious, share your number:)


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  • My cousin dated 90 people
    My other friend dated between 300 - 600 people
    My other cousin dated about 120 - 160 people
    My friend dated 40 people
    My other cousin dated 1 person
    My other cousin dated 2-3 people

    • They sound like really attractive ppl? In order to score so many dates. :P

    • the first one was rich and charming and super smart but not pretty at all
      the second one was ambitious and confident and hardworking but not good looking
      the third one was very good looking and rich and moderately smart
      the fourth one was good looking and smart
      the fifth one was ugly but had a good body and very smart and feminine
      the sixth one was very good looking

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  • I'm not married yet but engaged to be married. My fiance is the first and only man I've ever dated

  • Never got married dated 1/2 dozen.

  • I was proposed to twice and I turned down both

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