Is it wrong to marry an 37 years old if you're 22 ?

I invited my parents to have dinner with me and my fiance because we're living together and we talked about everything but they were very shocked because we told them that we're waiting for a baby. They said "congrats" without smiling to us i don't know why they're treating us like this.
Guys what do you think am i wrong?


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  • They are probably upset that you are living together and having a baby without being married yet. They are probably worried you're gonna be one of those girls that are forever "engaged" and never actually get married.

    • The age isn't an issue. But they probably feel like you're not ready for all this without a good job and proper education. I might be wrong about that last sentence but I doubt it.

    • Is there's something called engaged forever?

    • Yeah.
      Date for a year or two
      Engaged for 7 years
      Break up conveniently before the wedding ever happens
      Single parent forever

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  • It's not wrong at all, but such an age gap may become problematic as you get older such as when he's an old age pensioner and you're only in your early 50's.

    But that's a long way off and anything can happen in this life, so if it's what you want, I think you should definitely go for it.

  • Yes, a 37 year old would be better.

  • It is about the age issue. My mom had me when she was 20 and my dad was 40. It is such a big age gap and another generation. I think it is wrong to marry. There will be awkward moments at the dinner table when you parent have dinner with both of you.

    • Like what? :o

    • You dad may be saying, your boyfriend is as old as me. Remember you are mom and dad little girl, in their eyes they would expect u be with someone around your age. It just feels awkward like that. The age gap is something that is not easily accepted, only time will get your parents to accept him.

    • So true :s

  • There is nothing wrong with it, but even though there is nothing wrong with it, you parents may not be okay with it. Sometimes people are too uptight about what is acceptable in another persons relationships. This is especially true when it comes to your own child. They may not be happy right now, but they don't seem to be standing in your way, so I would bet they will eventually get over it in time.


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  • My parents have a large gap like yours so I don't think it's the age but my mom does sometimes regret getting married early but as the child I ended up fine getting my medical degree

  • You are an adult
    It's not like you are going to not get married because one person says so

    • I'm just shocked because of their reactions.

  • Is he rich? Is that why you're marrying someone so much older? For an easier life?

    • Why does there have to be an ulterior motive?

    • He's not rich! I love him so much that's why you're getting married.

    • Like what?