Dream wedding... For the guy?

Most girls have an idea of their dream wedding. And I've noticed most dudes either just go along with whatever the girl says happily orrr they doing it begrudgingly the whole way and get wasted at the wedding. Obviously not all weddings are like this but in my experience it's very seldom that couples actually work together and the guys get the weddings of their dreams too.
So my question is- guys what's your dream wedding like? What are the things that would mean a lot for you to have in your wedding? What do you wanna wear. Where is it?
I'm getting married and my guy says whatever I want... And he won't say what he wants. So while I am doing some stuff for him that will surprise him, I'm hoping to get more ideas :)


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  • Pizza and beer for the guests.

    But mostly, I don't care about the wedding. Not spending a ton of money would be nice, there are better things that money could be spent on: a nice honeymoon vacation, new car (s), a vacation home, investment, kids college funds, etc. I'd rather build a life together than have a big party.

    • Yeah so far food, location, dress, suit, decoration, invites, hotel for 30people for 3 days and event fees will be under 3,000. Not half bad. That's pretty much everything

    • Sure beats some wedding bills I've seen.

      Just saying, I can get a nice block of stock for those prices. Make sure it's worth it.

    • Well hotel rooms for 30 people for three days are 1,600
      My dress is 125
      He has his suit
      Decorations are 200
      We are gonna do a stock the bar party to help stock the open bar
      Renting 20 chairs for the older family and friends
      10 bucks for the ceremony location
      50 I'm making the invites
      The rest will be a license and person to do the ceremony
      The biggest thing after hotel is food
      150 to 300 for a pig and then other grilling food,
      300 sides and such
      150 for extra booze
      So about 3000

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  • I would want:

    Shorts and a t-shirt to get married in.
    Quick ceremony lasting no more than 10 minutes.
    Open bar and steaks for me and all my friends/family.

    Go home and bang my new wife and the hottest bridesmaid in a 3some.

    • He actually wants to wear a suit :P haha trust me that surprised me! Yeah quick ceremony, open bar and we will be grilling ;)
      No three way

  • Dont really have one. However this is very nice of you to plan somethings to surprise him.

    • Well it's his wedding too :) it's not just my big day

    • Well yea but guys aren't really into things such as weddings. Honestly im not sure why either.

    • Yeah he is and isn't he just keeps saying he wants it to be "nice" haha

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