Two of my older cousins are getting married?

So two of my older cousins (about 10 years older than me) are getting married which is a total surprise to me cause I didn't even know they liked each other. They are first cousins first of all, and my parents don't like to speak about the topic especially the children part. What is the chance that they're children will have a birth defect? I searched a bit online and what I got were figures ranging from 4% to 70% (LoL), so which one is true? and how would you feel if you learned about your cousins marriage? (btw, It's legal here for first cousins to marry) Wikipedia states the risk is about the same as a woman over 40 having children (about 4%)


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  • Genetically nothing wrong with marrying a first cousin. It can actually lower some risks, because certain genetic combinations can not play together very well. Things like blood types and the like, much safer with first cousins. They are close, but not "too close", and generally have a slightly higher fertility rate. There are some Middle Eastern countries where 1st cousin marriages make up over 50% of all marriages. Wouldn't work out too well if there was a huge risk. Problems will arise with repeated cousin marriages though, as you will start to get more serious recessive traits bubbling up.

    You get a lot more problems in lineal cosanguinity, people related to each other in a line: grandparent - parent - child - grandchild. That can cause big problems, and is illegal pretty much everywhere as far as I know.


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  • I know a girl thats parents are first cousins and her, her sister, and their brother came out fine. However her and her sister do have some problems with there kidneys but its nothing just major. I'm sure its possible without a doubt but I think it would be more likely to happen if it was daddy and daughter or brother and sister... you know something closer. If you don't mind me asking, where do you live at? I didn't know any state would let first cousins to marry...

    If it was my cousins I would be little freaked out because there is no way I could ever do anything like that with my cousins.

    • I don't live in the US but there are many states which allow first cousins to marry. Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia,

    • I never knew this lol. I know in the state I live its either second or third... I really think its third but I'm not sure. Either way myself I would not wanna marry my third cousin.

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  • From what little I've read on it, I've seen the 4% figure and also the fact that the risk is equal as for a woman over 40.

    I personally would never marry my cousin. That is just yuck.

    But, if other people want to do it, I think it's up to them.

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