Should I marry her or should I be very concerned?

does she really love me as she says? we getting married soon and as much as i dont wanna leave her and be lonely again there are things making me worried, she causes lot our arguements on two things constantly which are either money if i can't buy her things she needs as she currently has no job or she causes arguements if she thinks i am looking at another women when i am not, currently living in her house abroad and paying for our wedding but everytime we argue she accuses me of causing the problems and not cause a scene in her house, sometimes we get on so well but these arguements she causes has to be a concern? what should i honestly do? leaving her seems very painful option


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  • The fact that you are asking this question at all means you should not be marrying her.
    If it is the idea of loneliness that is preventing you from ending things with her, you are with her for the wrong reasons.
    Yes, every relationship has arguements, stress, conflict, and in this day and age, money is a common factor if concern. But the fact that you feel the need to ask strangers on the internet if you should marry her or not implies that you should not.
    Do not enter a marriage with doubts. And do not enter one out of loneliness either.
    I almost married my ex, I often had doubts , and would just try to push them out of my mind. We'd constantly argue about little things. But the fear of being lonely again stopped me from leaving him, but it wasn't until I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding, and witnessed them crying at the alter, due to love for one another, that I realised that I had not found this kind of love yet.
    So I ended my relationship, and am glad that I did.
    Yes, I am lonely, single, and turning 28 in 2 months, and there is no guy in sight, but I am waiting for the type of love that leaves me without doubts, that will trigger tears at the alter, and the urge to want to spend every day of the rest of my life with this person, and I am willing to wait for it, however long it takes.
    And so should you, as you deserve it.


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  • If you are doubting it you don't need to do it. If she's causing fights over little stuff that's just stupid. Maybe you could push it back some and talk to her and see if things get better.


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  • If she's making you feel bad about money now, your marriage will be a living hell.

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