Is it bad to remarry when your ex spouse is still living and you were the guilty one?

this is a religious sort of question about remarriage.. in the bible it states that, if you committed adultery in a marriage and got divorced you aren't free to remarry again? what are your thoughts on this?

  • that's bullshit...
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  • Your life. Remember that God loves you no matter what and while he'd be glad if you were sinless, he knows you're not, and he wants you to find the right path and attain happiness and fulfillment.


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  • I don't know how religious you are, but you did cheat, I don't know why.
    Anyway, go ahead and remarry, it is better that cohabitating, I suppose.


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  • The Catholic church says no to remarrying unless you get an annulment. Other Christian churches are okay with remarriage. I think ultimately it's what you think of god and how it would be received by god. My understanding is that some church communities have a gossip culture or a habit of judging others harshly, but ultimately it is none of their business.

  • Adultery and divorce are both sins, so isn't it too late for that anyway?

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