How much time you most know your partner before move to the next step?

I want to know how much the time you most be in relationship before you 2 move to marriage?

  • 3 weeks
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  • 1 month
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  • 10 months
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  • 1 Years
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  • 5 Years
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  • You should scratch that 3 weeks to a month off, if you're trying to marry someone after a month you might as well call the divorce attorney ahead of time... haha!

    I'd say a year is good after frequent time together, perhaps a little more, under that doesn't seem impossible but marriage has so many after effects and legal proceedings that not only is one considering another as a potential spouse but the finances and what to do when things go wrong.

    I view relationships as being somewhat organic, if all the signs are there that someone will make a good and compatible long term partner then marriage becomes an option. But I will only take that option if the circumstances are optimal.


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What Guys Said 1

  • For myself it was over 5 years. For one of my brothers, it was closer to 4 years. For my 'fast-moving' brother, it was about 2 years. All three of us had had girlfriends of 3+ years in our 20s, none of which resulted in marriage.

    All three of us were determined to find people that we could spend our lives with, and all three of us knew that you had to really know a person to do that. And that the person had to have lived enough of their life to actually know what they wanted out of it, and what they were like as an independent person.

    All three of us are now very happy.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think I'd know in a short time if it was something that could lead to marriage. My requirements are minimal. I'm only interested in religious guys.

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