If you where granted marriage by a genie and got too choose the marriage, which one would you choose?

Marriage 1: A loveless marriage with all the money in the world.
Marriage 2: A money-less marriage with all the love in the world.

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  • I'd kill the genie and whoever sent him. Slowly.

    • Good luck killing a magical creature.

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    • Frog explodes taking Duchy_of_trees out with him.

    • Frog explodes. Duchy_of_trees stands up, flicks frog bits out of his hair.

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  • Im sorry but eventho you can do a lot with money i prefer a loving partner i can love back. If i had a money chick as my marriage she'd probably be coldhearted and only care about the damn money.
    Wich also means swimming in the money not knowing what to do with it and ultimately boring yourself to death out of desperation. No happiness.


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