Ethical Dilemma: Don't stay with a cheater but don't believe in divorce?

Married 4 months after having dated 6 years. Spouse confesses to infidelity prior to marriage while you were dating.

Ethics/morals: Never stay with a cheater BUT also don't believe in divorce.

What to do?

  • Divorce
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  • Work it out/forgive
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  • My mind cannot handle the situation!
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  • What do you mean don't believe in divorce, why religions grounds?

    If so then, cheating is actually the only cause for divorce according to the Bible. So if you are Christian then in this case a divorce is ok.


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  • Separate but don't divorce then live common law in a pseudo plural marriage situation. Does that sound better than divorce?


What Girls Said 3

  • divorce, he married you on a lie and only admitted it afterwords because he knew itd be a huge hassle to leave him. i know you dont believe in divorce but does that override being miserable with someone for the rest of your life knowing that he knows you'll never leave him even if he carries on cheating on you?

  • I know someone who went though this same situation after being married for over 30 years. She found out her husband had cheated before marriage and then during. She forgave him, took him back and she tried to work through it b/c she loved him and she did not believe in divorce. After taking him back he cheated on her again, so she ended the marriage.
    It just depends if you want to put in the effort of trying to work it out and if you can forgive him. Some people simply can't and the relationship will never work. I must say though most people that cheat end up cheating again.