When do you start planning your life together?

So my bf and I have been in a relationship for a year and a half. I'm 24 he is 25. We're very serious and we both want to get married to each other in the near future. The problem is, it is still pretty vague. I want to bring it up, because I would prefer to get married within the next year year in a half. I don't want to be like hey, when are we gonna get married. I want to be more subtle about it.
He always says I'm his future wife, he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, etc. I just don't see him trying very hard to make this happen. We were suppose to be saving t move in with each other, but life happened. I don't think he has continued to save either.


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  • It sounds like things are going well for you two. I think your bf doesn't want to rush into things to fast. A year and half is good, I usually expect 2 years before marriage, personally.

    Have you met each other's respective families and discussed your relationship openly with them?

    I know you feel like your boyfriend isn't trying but marriage isn't something he'll just jump into immediately; the financial, social, emotional, and mental factors to consider are all things he's probably pondering. A girl could be the most perfect girlfriend in the world to me and I'd still be really apprehensive about proposing to her.

    You two don't sound like you've been married before considering how young you are so patience will be extremely valuable.

    • We're actually very close to each other's friends and family. My family loves him and his loves me. His sister is actually like a best friend to me now. And his family refers to me as Aunt Christine when they are talking to my bf's 2 year old nephew. We've never been married.
      Thanks for answering. Def helped ease my mind a bit! :)

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