Girl, and muslim guys?


i have a simple question, are you want, or choose or you think to married with Muslim guy?

thank you

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  • they are brainwashed fanatcs and stuck in prehistoric attitudes

    • it's an opinion, but many other people, think the posit !!

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    • not all, it's a few case, but media make fake picture on islam, if you want to knwo the truth, i suggest on you to be between muslim family so you will check if your opinion is true or no, like many American person, they go to middle est where they discover the real thing about islam?
      youtube. com/watch? v=zPJHnK9_FUc

    • @klaatu51 funny how you are being the open minded smart who know it all dude while you are being judgemental, cool...

  • I don't care about my partner's religion as long as they dont try to force it onto me.

  • I am muslim but I would prefer a non-muslim girl. It doesn't matter whether a girl believe in islam or not.