Do people really believe there is a caring person out there?

I've seen people fall by believing in "i'll just find someone caring with a heart, who doesn't place money first". I personally don't believe they exist. It's just a fairy tale in Hollywood/Disney.


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  • I beg to differ. I'm that person, although I have to say money is important. In a sense that I don't want to be left in the streets roaming around homeless. But as long as I got the guy, as long as he treats me right and as long as we're together and have food and shelter, I'll be by his side.

    • Then where are you when guys need you?

    • Wow. That wasn't blunt at all.

      Im where i am needed. Ever thought that there's a guy here that really needs me? I'm sure there's someone who is supposed to be for you. She will ne there as th e right person at the right time

    • Be* sorry

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  • I am a warm-hearted caring and loving girl. I'm also the girl who's been hurt many times. I have realized there aren't enough people in the world like me and people always take advantage to hurt the good people.

    • Then where are you ladies when guys need you?

    • I honestly wish I knew because it would be nice to have friends that are girls. The best advice I can give you is to search for the shy type of girls who do not trust easily. A girl who's unique in her own way private about her life until you make her feel comfortable enough to open up to you. Basically the complete opposite of someone popular with tons of friends. A pretty nerd lol

  • Even homeless people fall in love, so money doesn't seem to be the end all.


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