Stalker or Prince Charming?

I write letters for my friends in their relationships not gay just good at improvising that stuff is this a good proposal?

Not a day breaks that my mind is not set on you. I needed to let you know how much I am in love with you and am so appreciative of the time you devote to me and it means so much to me. I can't bear to think of how life would be with out you I know I don't shed much on my inferior feelings but you have overcome my heart in ways I can't explain I know I have never said it but I love you...



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  • Ugh...Why can't they all be like you?

    I'm quite old fashioned in the way I like to be treated. Simple things like this are worth SO much more than getting an expensive gift for my birthday, or taken to a fancy restaurant. What girl doesn't like the thought that a guy she cares about sat down at a table with a good ol' pen and a piece of paper and tried to put his love and affection into words for her. Letters and poems are just about the most romantic gesture! It also helps the guy because there are some things they don't want to say with their mouths because it's too hard to but it into words, and they don't want to sound corny, or as you've said, come off as creepy. But this was quite cute, and I'm sure it will make one of your buddy's girls really flattered. You're doing a good deed. You're like Cyrano de Bergerac. Without the ugly.

    I like it :)

  • well if your proposing to someone, usually you have said I love you to them before so the ending should prob be altered a bit. but other than that it kinda sounds a little movieish... id bring more of the actual realtionship you have with the person into the prososal. like a fav. memory or something like that. make it more personal. that way you know who its about. I mean that one could be about anyone. make it all about the girl who is being proposed to. know what I mean?


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