This guy cheated on me with another girl?

He was seeing us both at the same time, so aswell as using me and telling me lies, he was obv doing the same to her. Does this mean he is not monogamous?


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  • He's no good. Please just ditch him and if you have any ability to tell other people what kind of a jerk he is do it because somebody else will be really grateful.
    I got played really badly by a girl this past year. She cheated on her boyfriend didn't tell me she had one until it was too late. She acted like she fell in love but told me she didn't know how to break up without hurting him so I have her time. Then she told me she'd fallen in love with me and everything but then dumped me and told him but after a couple of months she came back begging for forgiveness and broke up with him. Then when she got me back everything was great but she dumped me again and went back with him. Now she's just showing up in places she knows I go to just to piss me off and hurt me even more.
    So just keep away from bad people like that they're nothing but trouble even though you can't see that at the beginning.
    I hope you're ok and able to deal with everything because I know I've got a really hard time dealing with this crap and I'm far from ok and won't be for a long time.


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  • Monogamous means one partner. What would you say?


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