Do you feel disrespected by your spouse?

They make decisions with out considering you? They ignore what ever you say? They control you? Treat you like a child?


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  • I was that spouse and I feel horrible about it and I hope if anybody is going through what I put my husband through they put their foot down and make it blatantly clear they don't appreciate their spouse's actions. Nobody should be treated that way.

    • That's very mature of you. I hate that I voice it yet he's a chauvinist and doesn't care. What do you think the right course of action would be since he doesn't hear me?

    • Be persistent. I was given plenty of hints but in the end I chose to ignore them because I thought I was right and ultimately it made everything crash down around me. If you love him dont give up, because he CAN change, he just needs to open his eyes to the fact that he's acting like an asshole.

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  • No! My husband doesn't make big decisions without asking me what I think. And the day he tries to control me and treat me like a child hell is going to brake loose! Even though we have a 10 year age gap doesn't mean he should treat me that way its just not healthy for anyone to be treated like that.