Would you ever fake love to ensure someone else's happiness?

Not just half ass'd and hinting that you lack love. You literally impersonate love, spring spontaneity, and have any other romantic quality implemented into the act, if it hurt you so damn much, would you still fake it because it made your s/o happy beyond measure?


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  • I could never do something like this. Is this happening to you or are you the one faking your love for someone?

    • What if I was? Does that make me a bad person? That I cry for my lack of feeling love but making it so real for someone else that deserves to be happy?

    • It is wrong and in a way selfish. I feel bad to call you selfish because I do not know you personally. The truth is that it is not fair to either one of you. You do not love this person and it is the right thing to break up or divorce.

    • It doesn't make you a bad person it just means you can not "feel"

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  • I have done that and I regret it so much. because the guy was a dick about it in the end. He actually still kept getting angry. I was trying to help them through their depression and I have no idea how I ended up telling them I liked them. So don't try it. In cases like these it's best where someone remains true to themself and the other to save both hurt.

    • The thing is, she's a good person, she's got good intentions and falters at the idea of waking up alone one day. And she clings to the way I am. She knows I'm a sociopath and have clinical depression, even stating she hates my traits but loves me because that's what unconditional love is. I am unable to provide it unconditionally and it kills me, but she values my thoughts and love above all else, so I do what I can.

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    • Sure. Shoot.

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