Whats the most you'd spend on a wedding band and engagement ring total?

I'm just trying to see if I sound reasonable. I fell in love with this ringset. Basically when you total for both my rings and then his ring, its about $6k total. Is that reasonable? I know to some people who are well in money, its cheap. But for those who don't have that much money, is $6k too much to ask for? Plus I plan to pay half at least.

  • I'd spend under $1k on our rings.
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  • I'd spend $2-5k on our rings.
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  • I'd spend $5-8k on our rings.
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  • I'd spend $8-10k on our rings.
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  • I'd spend $10k+ on our rings.
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I forgot. Or would you spend at least $1k sumn


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  • Whatever I could afford but I chose "C" 5-8K.
    PLEASE don't buy a ring at the mall. Know your 4 C's MAKE SURE the diamond has a laser inscribed number. IF you need to bring the ring in have them look under a microscope (as you should too when your buying it for flaws & the number) write the number down on the receipt. Also make sure the ring you pick up is the has the same number as the one you bought.
    If at all possible go to Chicagos jewelers row or NYC diamond district to buy one.
    Some people claim to have gotten a good deal on a internet purchase. I'm leery because you can't inspect the ring under a microscope & how do you return it?

    • Lol no its a Designer Ring. I'm gonna travel out of state to purchase it in person

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    • We have one jeweler who sells the ring, but it may be closed by time i get engaged. So assuming the other stores are still open, I'd travel out of state

    • Thanks. Take several pictures of it, get the designers name & the collection it comes from.

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  • Depends how much disposable income you guys have.

    If you're under the median income in the US; ~$43,318, that's around 14% (or more) of a year's income. If y'all are making $100K/$250K a year, then sure, go for it - but rest of this applies if you're average or below average:

    That's also ~half of your Roth contributions for the year (for each of you).

    $6K is also a nice down-payment on a low-end starter house (but probably under the 10% needed for a traditional mortgage, in most markets).

    Is that what is most important to you, ie: showing off to other people? A ring to wear on your finger, that really, you should also be paying insurance on? Do you want to wear something on your finger that's worth* that much? (ie: theft)

    * And by worth; I mean costs that much to replace - not has that much intrinsic value; since the value of the rings will at least halve (or maybe 25%of the price you paid) when you walk them out of the jewelers.

    Get some nice dividend stock, and eat out on that money every year.

    • I've honestly never cared for a ring or diamonds. I always said i didn't need a ring i'd rather have a dogtag or bracelet lol. But this year i saw a gorgeous ring and i was like "i like that". So yea. I guess things change

  • At max I would spend $2000, and that would be hard on me.

    • Lol thats exceptable. One of my rings is $2k and the other is $3k. I dont expect to get both. I could deal with the $2k band. But whatever the cost, i plan to oay half myself

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  • Zero on both. I'm not wearing a ring.

  • That sounds about right. I think my ring should cost between $2000-$5000 although I've seen some really pretty ones for only $1400 or so, so your $6k sounds good after you pay for both wedding bands, engagement ring, and any inscription/customization you choose to get.
    As far as the ring costing the same amount as a downpament on a house people spend $19,000+ on cars for goodness sake! You're going to wear that ring for the rest of your life I don't think money should matter I mean how long do you keep a car 5 years? 15 years if you take amazingly great care of it and what do you sell it back for? $2k-$14k? So at absolute BEST even with you buying a new car at the best deal in the world and selling it back for the absolute highest price possible you're still spending $5k+ on a car that you didn't even drive for 5 years. So that compared to a $6k ring you're going to wear for the rest of your life is nothing.

    • Lol I totally agree on the difference between the ring and downpayment. Thanks :D