Hey single guys and girls... would you marry a divorced or widowed girl or guy with a kid?

Many guys would marry a widowed girl rather than a divorced girl why is that? actually sometimes the divorced girl will be more loving towards you than the widowed one I think... post ur thoughts

  • only if they were widowed
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  • if no kids... than ya
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  • no my parents won't accept
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  • if I truly loved then I would accept either one with kids
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  • if the feelings are there, then there is no reason not to. and I grew up not knowing my father. if i felt i would be providing a child the same thing my step father did for me i would not have a problem with it


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  • Might need to do a little sniffing about what happened before the divorce to make sure the flames are trully smothered...
    Won't want the ashes to catch on fire again now would we?

    So yes , divorcee with kids , alright , but it depends.

  • I wouldn't marry a woman who was divorced/widowed/had kids.


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