Help me please.. What to ask a girl when you are going for an arranged marriage?

Dear all GaGers,
The time has come when I have to get married and I am planning to meet some girls (out of which one may be my life partner) in the coming days.
But I am not very sure what all should I ask?
Please suggest some questions which I can ask?
Also if anyone has some idea what question she can ask it would be very helpful?
Thanks very much in advance.


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  • What is important to her, in life? What is she looking for in a husband? What does she think, makes a good relationship?

    • Good once. Will keep them in my list. The last one is the best. What do you think is a good relationship, that can give many insight of how she is.

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  • Life goals such as how many children they want and what they expect your roles to be in the relationship. Also discuss what role her family will have. In some cultures she will be expected to provide for her parents. If you are unwilling to send them money, then she will need to be able to get a job and send them money herself.

    • Yes quite pertinent questions. Thanks.