What are his true intentions?

I met this guy who kept telling me stories about how sad he was due to a girl who did not accept him as a bf. He kept telling me how much he loved her and cud not live with out her.. and then, a similar story about 2 other girls! I kept consoling him as we had become friends by now.. Eventually he became very low on his self respect and started saying that no girl would ever fall in love with him. I felt sorry for him and one day announced that girls do like him and that even I was in love with him.. Probably his sorry state had made me do that. But he changed completely after that! Once I even caught him making fun of me in front of his friends.. He accepted his mistake later and felt sorry. I forgave him (because somewhere I pitied him for having a bad luck with girls) and we remained friends. (Sometimes, we would chat on the phone for as long as 5 hours! ) Meanwhile, he kept trying his luck with some other girls.. Whenever he has been involved with a girl, he has kind of ignored me..not answered my calls and said that he is busy.. when all I have wanted is

1.just to ensure that he is fine because I have always felt kinda sorry for him due to his (bad) luck with girls.. and

2. be friends with him because despite of everything, I still think that he is a decent guy. (Maybe its because of the way he talks or whatever.. but you sort of tend to believe how sad he is when he starts convincing you with his arguments. ) I have always wanted to be in touch with him..

2 years later,he said that he had developed feelings for me.. He jokingly proposed me at least ten times! but I did not know how serious he was.. and I did not say yes or no to his proposal.. He kept saying how much he admired me because I was with him through all this as a true friend.and then, all of a sudden, he completely went out of touch. Since last so many months, I have not heard anything from him.. His phone is always switched off.

Why is he doing this? Am I just a time pass for him whom he uses for entertainment when he is unable to find any other girl? Is he involved again with some other girl? Or is he in real trouble facing some sort of crisis in his life all alone? I don't want to believe him but I still do every time when he starts talking to me again.. I am unable to understand his true intentions and I fear that I will fall for him again when he will start talking to me again.. Please help me!


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  • Well this is the most bizarre thing I've heard.

    He may have really felt low and then when he found out you liked him it over boosted his confidence.

    Here's what I'd do:

    Since you have nothing to lose, I am assuming, you ask him straight up next time you can.

    Remeniss (sp?) about the old times and bring up that time when he was down and talk to him about what you just told the site. be gentle, but sincere.

    if he loves you for real he will try to console your doubt in him without scrambling for reasons.

    if he scrambles for reasons he may be trying to not hurt your feelings and cover up his stupidity.

    if he is casual and stupid about it it may be that he likes you and is trying to be cool about it...or he's a jerk.

    I would not wrap yourself on this guy. look elsewhere and see what he responds with to that.

    i will be here for any questions :)

    • Can't ask him straight up. I know how he will react. All he is going to do is put the blame on me by saying that I don't even understand how busy he was.But my logic is that instead of not replying to my phone calls and mails, he cud have sent me a 3 word " I am busy" msg.

      n at times, he has been asking me questions like if am seeing someone these days.. to which I have replied truthfully that I haven't thought abt any other guy since I met him. I think he is taking me fr granted in his life.wat say?

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  • sometimes guys make up sh*t to make themselves look better.

    i won't believe guys until they are known to my friends and family and I know them for who they are.

    • He was not lying. I know that those girls were for real and were not ready to accept my friend as a bf. but anyways, thanks Reeses. rest of the people did not even answer!!