Will an italian family bless a marriage if the guy is wanting to marry a latin american?

i like this guy and i think he likes me my mom doesn't want me to date this guy his mother is part italian and his father is down core southern... her and i were in the car yesterday and that somehow turned into marriage... and my thinking was what da hell does this have to do with anything... she said italians dont bless a marriage if its not with their own "kind"... i just think she's trying to keep me from liking him even more by discouraging me with words... in which isn't working... im not thinking about marriage quite yet... i mean im only 16 but... how does italian culture work with marriage and dating?

please help!!


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  • You're 16. Odds of you actually marrying this kid are pretty low. Just date him and have fun. Don't worry about the culture or anything like that at this stage.

    • im not but i want to prove my mother wrong...

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  • dudette you're still 16 y o... why worry about marriage?

    • im not... i wanna prove my mother wrong...

    • my biggest fear is that his mother (she's big on italian practices) wil say im not dating material enough for her son or sumtin... i just wanna know how italian dating works and how the marriage works as well... I've always been fond of italian culture just never really thought i would want to date one and what my mom said got me thinkin... i just wanna know how it works.

    • sorry babe i don't know a lot about Italian culture except the fact that they are very religious and consider tradition as important

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