I love him and he too but the problem am Muslim and he is Christian?

In Islam in Baqara tI di read that Muslim girl can Marry Christian :/ but Our Imame's Say it's illegal --" am so confuse here -_- I do follow qur'an more then people talk but I won't do something it's Haram :/ someone help >_<


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  • Assalamualaikum sister.

    I think that you are misunderstanding what is being stated, in the Quran it states that Muslim men are allowed to marry Muslim women and women from among the ahle kitaab. Muslim women however are not allowed to marry men of the ahle kitaab and instead are only permitted to marry Muslim men.

    I hope that I wasn't too blunt or anything in my response. If you would like to speak more on the matter or have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask me, I'm no alim but I will do my best to help you out inshallah.


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  • Well you can choose to elope and never look back and run away, and stop being a Muslim. That's what most people who can afford to do it do.

  • Leave islam if you can survive and not get beheaded become a Christian we treat women way better and give way better respect. and real Christian men truly love thier lives not all muslim men love thier wives and many treat and veiw yal as cattle.

  • Any religion that stands in the way of love isn't worth following...



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  • If you love him you shouldn't care about his religion :)

    You can marry him and still remain a muslim you should care about Allah not the imam :)
    Also it depends on the country you live in if you live in a muslim country it's risky and I wouldn't advice you to as you might get hurt badly by your family " this is just an assumption " because I don't know how your family views this kind of marriage

  • according to a few websites where oher people have asked its ok for muslim men to marry christians but muslim women can't marry muslim men.





    i dont agree with it personally but thats the general interpretation

    • can't marry non muslim men*

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    • it means men can marry christians or jews because they are also believers in one book and the same God but women cannot marry christians or jews because the head of the house hold in the muslim community is a male and the head of the household should be a true believer.

    • Thank you

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