How long should I wait before proposing another get-together?

So I kind of like this girl, and I sent her a Facebook email a couple of days ago and asked her if she'd be up for doing something on tuesday (which is today)? She wrote back and said she was meeting friends, but that we should totally have coffee together sometime. So I wrote back and said how about wednesday/thursday? I know she's been online, but she hasn't replied yet!

Sure there are reasons for this I guess... but I guess I'm wondering, how long should I wait until I ask her again?I don't want to hassle her... I don't have her phone number either, and I do see her in class once a week, but its difficult to have one-on-one conversations with her because she's always with a group of friends, and I guess I'd feel uncomfortable pulling her aside...

Would it be too soon to send her another email at the beginning of next week asking her for next thurs/friday? Opinions? Thanks all!


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  • Well if you're used to text each other trough Facebook or whatever, don't push it too far!

    She got your question and might still be thinking about it. If she were not to reply to you at all, I would wait until after the weekend and ask her how her weekend was (just like that, not exactly what she did! <- that's what you wanna ask about on the date ;)).

    She will most likely reply to that one (if not, she's not interested at you at all) and if she does you may ask her if she has free time someday this week or the following weekend - don't propose a day, let her decide. If she has interest in you she'll propose a day, even if it's not this week - she may actually have something to do - but if it's like that she'll propose a day after that.

  • This situation doesn't sound promising in the way you want it to go. First rule of thumb. Listen to what they are telling you. In their words are the keys to how they want you to play it. Online is tricky and you have to be patient. I'd say this gal is not a strong pursuit for you because you do not have her number. This is why I say: Develop your public skills, my man. Talk to the ladies in the laundry mat, the coffee shops, the libraries, on the street. Don't be passive unless you are passive. Face to face, spontaneous combustion is always better than online flirting. When your gal sees you on your Facebook sight on dates with other well-dressed women she will give you her number. Women go for guys that have other girls to do things with!

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