My husband is saying inappropriate things to other girls. I feel betrayed?

We got married a few months ago and everything was going fine, he left his phone on charge whilst in the shower and I looked through his messages and I saw these texts with this girl where he said 'You have always turned me on'

I later confronted him and he said those texts are old and that he doesn't even like that girl?

Help what do you think of this?


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  • I'm an anti peeper. I just don't snoop and you have discovered the reason why.
    You're stressed and may be jumping conclusions. Also you have outed yourself as a snooper, and put yourself in a position of mistrust.
    I would drop it for now and focus on the positives in your relationships.
    This is a brand new relationship and you need trust to let it flourish.


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  • That you weren't properly educated on privacy spheres.

    That being said, have you seen the dates on those messages? If there weren't any chances are he's telling the truth.
    If there were however, well, it would be really appropriate.
    That being said, being proven right still isn't an excuse to go on such fact finding missions.

    • Well yes I did actually, and it was when we were dating.

  • If they are old and your already maried why would he even keep something like that? check the date and time of the Text

    • I didn't mention that I do remember the date... And it was around the time we were seeing eachother

    • Well I hope It all works itself out

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  • With each and every 'Text' new or old, you may have failed to see the date that it was sent... In the future, if you want to be a detective in what could Possibly turn into the War of the Roses with him and you, make sure you check and Re check all dates. Regardless, he got his hand caught in another's 'Always turned me on' crock cookie jar.
    As far as This hot to trot message, it appears that with No Delete that this could have even be sent as you both were even walking down the aisle... In any case, past or present, I call it Cheating and just how Far and Long has this been going on?
    You need to sit him down and get to the bottom of this babe and your own relationship. If something isn't discussed, worked out, it will surely end up down a beaten path.
    Good luck. xx

    • If she has to do all that to find out what she should have known before they got married, she may as well split now.

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    • I didn't mention that I do remember the date... And it was around the time we were seeing eachother..

    • Okay, I see... So if you both were in the beginnings of just 'seeing' each other, then on Exclusive, no Official even Then... Let it go for now, just keep your eyes open. I know it must have been a blow to see this. xx

  • It's fake! It's not old.. He is cheating, believe me!

  • You shouldn't be going through his phone.

  • Pretend to let him go, but keep a check on his phone.. he might take some precautions so you can't see the texts. If you have the girls number then contact her , and just pretend to be someone else, while confronting her. If he does again then you have a problem...

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