My girlfriend's parents think I'm using her. HELP!!?

My girlfriend is a US citizen and her parents think I'm using her for a green card. No I don't! I love her, and would only get married so that I can stay in the US with her. If I don't I will go back to Sweden after university and live there. The only reason I want to stay is her, but they think I'm using her. How do I prove to them that I'm not using her for a green card? I love her and I don't want this to ruin our relationship.


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  • Hi don't worry about her parents and also let her know you will stay with her no matter what they say ignore them but keep trying and also let them know how important life back home is for you always let the parents see you miss home and that there are pics and you talk to people there a lot because i bet u do also have pictures of your girlfriend around invite them for dinner make something your mom would have made and something that always captures a parents heart is if you open up to every question and look them in the eyes when proving your worthy of her love


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  • Prove her parents wrong. Meet up with them and start talking about how much you miss your home (Sweden) and want to go back ASAP but you just don't want to miss and leave your girlfriend. They will switch their opinion in no time.

    • They'll think its a screen. In their opinion, I'm an excellent actor who uses their daughter. Why are they thinking like this. Just because one is not a US citizen doesn't mean they will use their US girlfriend for green card. I'm really depressed they're thinking is bullshit and think I'm using someone I love.

  • Try and get her to move to Sweden. See how much they like that idea...

    • That would make me believe it haha. Its actually a pretty good idea. I'd kill for a chance to move to Sweden with my boyfriend. =P

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    • Yeah and she might. LLOL!

    • You went to study in the US, to experience a different way of life, change of scenery, to mature and challenge yourself in a big way. Simple :)

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