When you marry, do you plan to follow tradition? If not, what will you change differently?

- I want to walk down the aisle alone. Not to close to with father, but he can still stand next to my mother and give me away once i reach the end of the aisle. I just dont want to walk with my arm locked with someone elses.
- Unfortunately no church wedding. Reception will be in same room as wedding. Instead of guests just sitting in chairs, they'll be seated at beautifully decorated tables.
- No Stacy Adams. Hopefully the groom will want to rock some converse or something with his tux.
- No bowties, just ties.
- Khaki, brown, or beige suit rather than black/grey.
- The veil won't cover my face.
- No flower girls, just a ring bearer. Rose petals already layed out on aisle.
- I'm debating if I'll have bridesmaids.
- The groom can do best man if he wants, but I'm not doing Maid of Honor. Not gonna throw a load of responsibility on someone else. Its my day.
- I want my best friend boys apart of the groomsmen, and the groom can tell me which of his friend girls he wants as bridesmaids.
- No wedding shower, just a Bachelorette Party.
- Bachelor and Bachelorette party in same city (Vegas for example).
- 2-5 Celloists play as guests enter.
- No limo, but 3 Black SUVs (Suburbans, Escalades, or Navigators). One bride/parents. One for groom/groomsmen. One for bridesmaids (if i have them).
- Wedding/reception from 2pm-5pm.
- No alcohol except for champagne or wine ( like Moet & Chandon, Pink Moscato, or Chardonnay)
- Bridesmaids/Groomsmen will pay for their own outfits and all be matching.
- Not rich. Hoping for $5k from his parents, $5k from mine, and then he and I get up $5k each. Basically the wedding will be $20k or less.
- I have 150 guests and thats not even the grooms family included lol.
- He and I will pray before the wedding, but we'll stand on opposite sides of the door.
- Horse/carriage for leaving the wed
- can't decide if i want both an engagement ring and a wedding band. Maybe just one will do.
- Cash instead of gifts

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  • Mostly following traditions that fit our cultures. My fiance is Serbian but I'm not (I have Russian background though), so we're already intercultural. We're getting married in the Orthodox church to satisfy our more traditional parents and families, even though we're not really religious ourselves. I'm excited about it, but I'm hoping it doesn't go on too long like typical Orthodox weddings, lol. Wikipedia has a pretty good outline of what goes on - en.wikipedia.org/.../Marriage_in_the_Eastern_Orthodox_Church

    I'm wearing a white dress and he's wearing a tuxedo. We're only having 40 guests as well, just family and close friends. I think more people are coming to the reception afterwards though. The cake is actually going to be cupcakes, it's cheaper and we think that's way more fun. The alcohol will definitely be flowing freely. A dry wedding typically goes against Slavic tradition - guests have to drink to the health of the couple, to welcome the couple into God's Kingdom, and to Jesus, all that kind of stuff.

    We're both musicians so we're hiring friends to come and play music for us, and a friend is also doing the photography. The reception will go late into the evening/night because we all like to dance and party. And no bachelor/bachelorette parties for us.


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  • An elderman married us, decades ago.
    No ceremony, just a lecture on Law and marital obligations in the Law.
    No priest or church either.
    Because my wife wasn't yet 25 ( by 2 months) , my father in Law had to sign the contract too.
    After that we went to a restaurant with family and friends and we're still happily married.

    My grand uncle was a RC bishop. He didn't send us a postcard, nor did his sister and my nephews. LOL

    We're both happy.

    • Awwww sounds adorable for the most part

  • i only want to give my own twiste on it just the clothing
    i want to wear something i like to wear or i want to wear and not a suit

    • Yea I'm not a fan of the suit and tie, but I said I'll at least keep the suit and tie. Just not a bowtie nor those church shoes that dudes wear. I'd rather he wear air forces, vand, or converse. I used to want to wear converse myself with my wedding dress, but nahhh i can walk in heels now


  • the only possibility for me to see myself in a wedding would be only in a nightmare of mine

  • Well i really wish i don't have to stand on the stage with a zillion people coming a giving me hugs and taking pics with them. I just want to go home after the marriage contract has taken place !!

    • Lol i want to go take my wedding pics while everyone is fixing their plates at the reception

  • Eh well I'm not religious so if I ever have a ceremony it won't be religious in nature. I'm not a fan of tradition for tradition's sake.

    • Well I'm a Christian, but I still just want to put a twist on some things

    • Right you should want to do things your own way.

  • I don't intend on getting married, but if I did, I imagine she would plan everything. Only thing is, I'm probably not gonna want many guests.

    • I didn't want many guests, but the 150 people are really close to me. However, if i had a destination wedding, then I'd only invite like the closest 30 of those 150

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    • Lol so did my list make you reconsider haha

    • Lol it just made me want to not get married even more. Too much shit to plan!

  • I don't think I'll ever get married. I don't really believe in it right now.

  • I probably want nothing traditional at all. I don't want rings. I would kind of like it too just be us to. And I would like to go on vacation right after

    • I used to say I'd take a bracelet or dogtag necklace over a ring. Lol those days changed

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    • So how will people know that you're married (when looking at you)

    • They don't need to know. doesn't matter To me :)

  • We are having a naked wedding on my private island at sun set.

    • Oooooo

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    • give your info to my PA so I can send the chopper to fly you out ect.

    • Will do

  • I'm gonna get hitched at hooters! Yay for hot wings

    • Lol why not Vegas? They got the Hooters hotel lol

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    • Lol i always take the onion rings off of my bbq BK burger

    • And I would happily eat them for you :)

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  • I want to marry in the woods. Only him and I and our marriager (can't think of the word). We will each be wearing our favourite outfits. And of course, I only want our wedding bands to be gold bands with no stones (how my family has always done it). We will go walking through the woods and talking of our past. It will be a secret wedding.

    Then we will have a Catholic wedding in a church with our family.

    • I always wanted a plain silver band because i never cared for diamonds. However there's this one designer who makes a gorgeous diamond band for $3k. I want it, but in order to get the matching engagement ring, that'll be $3k more. So I don't know what to do. $6k on rings is a bit much for someone with no money lol

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    • Ooo the wooden ring would go well with the forrest wedding

    • Haha its what I always dreamed off

  • I want to wear black. But i don't think it's gonna happen lol. I'll probably end up in some gold or pink mess.

    • Lmao gold and pink are my colors!!

    • Lmao. But black looks so goooood :p

    • You should do a white dress with black in it so that it won't look so funeral like. Yet, Avril Lavigne wore black her second time around

  • We didn't follow tradition at all. Didn't marry in a church (non-religious ceremony), wrote our own vows, chose a unique location, and for the ceremony music we used piano covers of rock songs. It was amazing.

  • For the amount of money people spend on weddings the theme of my wedding is going to be me. And I'll do whatever the fuck I want.

    • Lol i never wanted to spend over $8k on a wedding. But thats really only possible if i had less than 100 guests and did like an outdoor wedding or something. But nope now its looking like 150-300 guests and $15-20k at the least

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    • @Musicbrain5 don't go stealing my ideas now! :P There's going to be an ice sculpture of me, too.

    • No our centerpieces will be big flower bouquets. Pictures of us will be in the guest sign in book. I want all my guests to pose and take a pic to put in the book when they sign their names

  • Not following tradition.

  • I prefer not to follow the tradition. Not a huge fan of it.

    • Yea I'm still religious though. I just dont want to follow in line with how most others do their wedding

    • I think (if ever I do get married), I'll just get the law involved. I mean, I'd want a civil wedding, and just get it registered by a government official.

    • I think it's um... economical. lol :) :) :)

  • -Walking down the aisle alone. I recently stopped talking to my dad he's an alcoholic and refuses to do anything about it (I'm talking BAD I don't remember the last time I've seen him sober) well I asked him to only call me when he's sober and the last 5 times he hasn't been able to do that so I'm just done with him at this point. I'm hoping losing his daughters (he's been really mean to my sister and calls her fat every time they talk so she doesn't speak with him either) will help him see the light. Until then he's out of my life.
    -No church I want a garden wedding
    -I want a small and I mean teeny wedding. Only because I know if I invite my grandma and extended family my mom is going to push me to let my grandma's husband and aunt's husband and dad and people I just can't stand come to my wedding and it won't be MY wedding anymore. So keeping it simple just my mom and sister and his parents and relatives my boyfriend said he wouldn't even invite his brothers just his 2 sisters then the people who will be in the wedding (bridesmaids and groomsmen) so I'm thinking around 12 people total including us and the people in the wedding.
    -Really cheap everything. I don't believe in spending that much money on one day. I'm aiming to spend $3k max since our families probably won't be paying for anything. The exception will be if we decide to have our wedding on a cruise in which case I'm ok with spending around $10k total because it won't be one day it'll be 3-5
    -Not religious at all

    Basically my wedding is going to be a very nice garden party that's it. It's going to be VERY informal and definitely closer to an engagement party than an actual wedding to avoid other people trying to take over my day. That's if we don't elope (we've discussed just going to France or somewhere and coming back married)

    • I agree with the dad thing. Even if me and mine were close, I still would want to walk alone. And yea the only reason I have like 150 guests is because my mom and grandma are inviting like 50 people i can't stand

    • Yeah I know it's like I really want to invite my grandma and aunt, but they're all really opinionated and I'd end up having 200 people at my wedding so I'd rather have 12 lol. Ideally I'd have like 50-80 people, but I know that the more people that I invite the more people there are to complain about the way I choose to do things so nobody is invited

  • I have no idea how I'll get married. My mom is Christian, my dad is Muslim. My mom is eastern European, my dad is west African.
    Some of my siblings combined all our cultures into their weddings, maybe I'll do that, who knows.
    I love being mixed and growing up with totally different cultures, very interesting for me, but when it comes too choosing a tradition or something, it's damn hard!

    • Yea I'm kinda mixing semi-tradition with nontraditional. I'm tired of attending these common weddings with the same ol same. I want to give the people something different (although my ideas aren't technically "new")

    • I went to one wedding 2 years ago, it was one of my brothers wedding. The invites were like flyers for a rave.
      The reception had different rooms. Main room had music, one room that was playing the world cup, one room full of games, and outside there was giant jenga giant connect 4 and other games. The dj was awesome to. And there was one of those photo booth machines that have the wind so you can have your hair flowing in the wind for the pic lol. There were these mini bike things laying around the place for kids to play on to.
      And everybody remembers it and still speaks about it because it was so different to all the others.

      I love your idea with the cellos playing as people enter, that sounds so classic but so different.

    • Wow that wedding sounds awesome!! I'd like to do some of that as a Bachelorette party or maybe during a 4th of July cookout

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