Married, want divorce, scared to hurt her, help?

I m scared to hurt my wife. How do I do this easy? I regret so much. I love other girl.


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  • There's no way around hurting her. You need to be real honest, real fast. The longer you let it go one the harder it's going to be.

    • But I care for her so much. I still care for her as if I love her but I know i don't.

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    • Because I don't love her.

    • You are going to hurt her, you are breaking several serious promises, aka vows by doing this. I'm not trying to make you feel bad but you made a mistake. It would be bad enough if you were only leaving her because you changed your mind. But now you are also leaving her for another woman. Put yourself in her shoes. But on the other hand staying with her out of pity won't be good for either one of you. As far as your relationship with the other woman goes, first of all this is the kind of woman who will get with a married man and break up a sacred bond, and you are cheating on your wife, what's to say you won't cheat on her. I can not see how your relationship with this girl can have any trust. You should end one relationship before starting a new one ALWAYS.

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  • Hopefully she will strip you off your money.

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