If a married guy told a girl he has seperated from his wife (but he hasn't )?

Basically this married guy told this girl he has seperated from his wife, that was a lie so he could sleep with her.
Whats your opinion on this? Would you blame the girl for believing him?


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  • I don't know the details but from what I've heard, no I wouldn't blame her. The guy's an arsehole. You and his wife were screwed over by that guy.
    I'm guessing you were the asker in that other question and I gave a fuller answer there but can I ask: are people really blaming you?

    • Yes, well mostly people I know because they're saying I knew what he was like and I should've known he was lying.
      Also he lied and said I made the whole thing up about him saying theyre separated..

    • Sorry to hear that :(
      Tbf they might be saying that because they're disappointed by the whole situation. They might not think you did anything morally wrong (you didn't btw). If I had a friend who slept with a girl who turned out to be married I might tell him to be more careful but I wouldn't think it was his fault. In the poll you had on the other question there were two options the 'dirty married guy' and 'the whore'. The first does apply here but the 2nd is complete bull. You did nothing wrong, he did. He lied to his wife and to you. I dont know this guy and maybe he is the kind best avoided (based on what you said he clearly is) but you don't have to feel guilty.
      Even if he didn't tell you he was seperated he's still cheating on his wife!! I don't see how that's a defence tbh even if it was true.
      I'm no expert on what to do in this situation regarding the pregnancy but there must be someone you can talk to. Both a friend and a professional advisor. I think there's a helpline in

    • my country that gives advice to women who are having unexpected pregnancies. Is there in yours?

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  • She didn't even know where he lived, but she's banging him?

    • Dafuq?

    • He lives with his wife, but she'd never even been to his house and seen all his wife's girl things there. She has hardly taken the time to know anything about him, but she still banged him.

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  • I wouldn't blame her. You can only ever take people at their word unless you know for sure what is going on in their lives. And even then that's an interpretation.

    She had to trust he was being honest with her. I personally put blame solely on the guy for being a complete slimeball. It's hard now a days because there are so many different living situations. Many people are choosing or having to reside with ex's, ex husbands/wives, etc... Not every situation is the same.

    Also, some people may just get separated instead of divorced because they cannot afford it. Even so, if the divorce is in it's early stages they could just be separated.

  • I wouldn't blame the girl, I would only blame the guy for lying to the girl and cheating on his wife

    • Yep me too

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    • No I don't think so, he just lied and said that I made it up about him saying that..

    • Well, you are not the one to be blamed, he is an asshole, and he should take responsibility for his acts