Is he going to pop the question?

Our one year anniversary is approaching.
He has a surprise for me, but won't tell me what.
He calls me his future wife all the time.
Is saving up for something that involves both of us, but won't tell me what.
He's taken more hours at work.
He has been planning something for our one year anniversary.
He also has talked about having children more.


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  • How old are you?

    If you're on the lower range of your age group (21 or under) I wouldn't really bet on it. I'd think he was planning a trip for you guys maybe though maybe to Europe or somewhere.

    If you're on the upper half of that age range, then I'd say yeah it sounds like he could be thinking of proposing.

    I'm not sure about the dynamics of your relationship though. Have you told him you wanted to get married in the near future?

    I'm 19 and me and my boyfriend have all those conversations you talked about he's even asked me what type of ring I'd like and we've already started drafting wedding plans, but if he started working longer and taking more hours at work I think he'd be planning a trip for us or something like that because even though we love each other very much and do want to get married eventually we know we both aren't ready to do that yet (we've been dating 2 years btw) BUT that doesn't mean you and your boyfriend are the same way.

    I think maybe you guys should sit down and talk to each other about your hopes and dreams and make a rough timeline about when you both want to get married, buy a house, have kids, etc so you're both on the same page.

    • I'm 23 and he is 25. We talked about getting married and having kids. We're both on the same page with that. We actually talked about a timeline because I have health problems and I want to have kids, but I want to have them while I am in remission.

    • Well if you guys made out a timeline and the wedding seems to fit in it (for example if you guys said you'd get married in about a year) then he might be considering popping the question.

      I wouldn't really say he will for sure, but I mean it's a possibility

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  • The signs are certainly there... but don't hang all your hopes on it just in case/

  • Sounds possible but getting married after only one year is too soon in my opinion for a healthy relationship. I mean it's not a race so no problem in waiting a little longer

    • I think we have a healthy relationship though.

  • I wouldn't assume it, because then if he doesn't, no matter what the gift is, you're going to be disappointed.

    • I'm actually a little nervous. I want to marry him, but marriage makes me nervous.

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  • There are signs, but dont expect it from him though. He might be planning something else too, or just gets too nervous in the middle of the thing. And if your relationship is healthy, then I dont think I year is too early to get into marriage. About the yes or no, just ask this questions... "Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him,"... in my opinnion, there is nothing as love... it's just good communication, comprimises and good understanding. You need a life partner, who will you get through life.

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